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Stakeholder consultation on the CI-SCP's Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information


Get involved to help shape a new set of Guidelines to improve the way consumers receive information on products’ sustainability. We’re asking for your comments to make these Guidelines as useful and applicable as possible, to ensure their understanding by public and private sector providers of information, and ultimately to benefit consumers.

The draft "Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information" have been developed in a consultative process under a CI-SCP working group, led by UNEP and the International Trade Center. The aim is to provide clear guidance for product-related sustainability information for all regions and companies of all sizes, and over time to create global consensus in this area. 


Read more about how you can participate in the consultation! 


New report on indicators for measuring SCP progress towards the SDGs!

The report was produced for the 10YFP by Statistics Sweden and the Ministry of Environment of Chile. It constitutes an initial proposal to support the monitoring of SCP- related targets of the SDGs, using the SEEA framework which facilitates the connection of data across the environment and the economy that can effectively inform policy-making and other actions.  The full report is currently available in English, and the executive summary in English, French,  SpanishChinese, Russian, and Arabic 




The Global SCP Clearinghouse is a unique one-stop hub dedicated to advancing Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) worldwide.

In a context of increasing environmental degradation and climate change, a systemic transformation is needed to move towards resource efficient and sustainable lifestyles which bring better quality of life for all. Effective tools for sharing knowledge, building synergies and strengthening cooperation are essential to achieve this shift with the participation of all - governments, the business sector, civil society and citizens.

The Global SCP Clearinghouse is offering the opportunity to share and find information on SCP around the world (initiatives, news, events, publications, etc.), build networks, identify partners, and strengthen capacities. It also serves as the information platform of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP).



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