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Sustainable Public Procurement


The SCP E-Library gathers SCP or SCP-relevant publications, technical reports, articles, but also toolkits, manuals, guidelines, and other key documents or information sources (e.g. newsletters, databases) produced by reference authors or organizations with a cross-cutting or thematic perspective.


Public Procurement and Transformative Solutions

Year of publication: - Available in English
CII-ITC Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development and 21st Century Frontiers - Government - Publications, technical reports, articles
SPP and Ecolabelling
West Asia - India
This report is an outcome of thought-­â€leadership collaboration between stakeholders in India and Sweden that seeks to spur momentum to ensure innovative and global sustainable development through the mainstreaming of transformative solutions.
The collaboration is based on two national public procurement projects, one in India and one in Sweden. The objective is to explore ways that allow public procurement to deliver economic development, innovation, poverty reduction and global environmental sustainability by supporting transformative solutions.
As the key outcome of the work, a migration strategy has been developed that will enable, and support, a shift from current procurement to a procurement that supports transformative solutions. This strategy will help move focus from only incremental improvements (that are not enough and sometimes even destructive) to 21st century solutions that are truly sustainable from a global perspective. Such a strategy will also encourage increased transparency and cost efficiency in the procurement process.

Guide méthodologique pour réussir sa politique d'achats durables

Year of publication: 2016 - Available in French
L’agence de l’énergie RhôneAlpEnergie Environnement (RAEE) - Government - Publications, technical reports, articles
Sustainable public procurement
Europe - France
L'agence de l'énergie RhôneAlpEnergie Environnement (RAEE) a publié un guide sur la commande publique durable. Ce dernier présente les facteurs clefs de réussite de sa politique d'achats durables.
Plusieurs fiches pratiques par marché sont proposées : gaz et électricité, matériel informatique, achat de véhicule, produit d'entretien ou prestation de nettoyage, prestation d'entretien d'espaces verts, marché d'insertion ou de clauses sociales, marchés de travaux,… Elles présentent le contexte, les enjeux à prendre en compte pour le marché, les écolabels et labels écologiques existants.
Selon le RAEE, « Le travail à accomplir demeure immense : une très grande masse de marchés restent éloignés du développement durable. Nombre de marchés demeurent frileux vis-à-vis de la notion qui se traduit par des objectifs faibles, parfois réservés aux seuls critères de sélection sans apparaitre dans les cahiers des charges. La connaissance demeure encore partielle et les très nombreuses références, y compris européennes, sont toujours méconnues et peu utilisées. La tentation est encore grande pour beaucoup de réécrire chacun dans leur coin des marchés pourtant éprouvés par ailleurs et qui gagne - raient considérablement à être traités ensemble, à d'autres échelles territoriales ».


Year of publication: 2012 - Available in English
European Commission - Other intergovernmental organization - Publications, technical reports, articles
Sustainable public procurement
Europe -
The report provides a detailed overview of the current status of Green Public Procurement (GPP) activities in European Union Member States. Based on the analysis of the present situation and future plans in individual countries, recommendations are made for LED specifications.

SWOT Analysis report of Vietnam's Green Label Programme

Year of publication: 2016 - Available in English
Nguyen Trinh Huong - Government - Publications, technical reports, articles
SPP and Ecolabelling
Asia / Pacific - Viet Nam
The SWOT analysis of the ecolabelling scheme of Vietnam was produced by the Vietnam Green Label Office, as part of the European Union-funded project “Stimulating the demand and supply of sustainable products through sustainable public procurement and ecolabelling” (SPPEL), implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme. The purpose of the SPPEL project is to provide 13 countries with capacity building and advisory services on the development and implementation of SPP policies. In countries with national ecolabelling scheme in place, including Vietnam, the project focuses on the implementation of SPP combined with a proactive use of ecolabels.

The main objectives of the SWOT analysis was to:
- re-evaluate the existing Vietnam ecolabelling program - the Vietnam Green Label - to understand current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats based on the last 5 years of implementation;
- study ecolabelling programs of other Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) members, with a view identify lessons learnt and best practices, and to propose an action plan to improve the national ecolabelling program in the future;
- contribute to the integration of the Vietnam Green Label into Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in Vietnam;

Buying green! A handbook on Green Public Procurement

Year of publication: 2016 - Available in English
EU - Government - Publications, technical reports, articles
Sustainable public procurement
Europe -
A handbook on Green Public Procurement, 3rd edition