About the programme

The Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) implements and supports projects; identifies and encourages policies; undertakes research; and provides collaboration for stakeholders looking to engage and assist consumers in sustainable consumption. 

In the spotlight

Actors of the programme

Programme leadership

The CI-SCP is led by the Environment Ministries of Germany and Indonesia, and Consumers International.  The programme is supported by a multi-stakeholder advisory committee, which provides technical and strategic advice; and a network of partners implementing projects and contributing to working groups.

Portfolio of work

The programme supports and delivers projects, develops strategies, and profiles existing initiatives seeking to make it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices. This means addressing each stage of the supply chain, working globally with producers, retailers, governments and consumers and their representative associations. 

Work areas


Drive change in business and government

Enhancing policy and regulatory frameworks, and private sector practice


Enhance communication to drive behavioural change

Looking at behavioural science and effective modes of communication to engage consumers

How to get involved

We aim for collective impact and collaboration.
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