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Energy Globe Award - World Award for Sustainability

Energy Globe Award - World Award for Sustainability

Status: Closed
Geographic scope: International
Region(s): All, Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe, Latin America / Caribbean, North America, West Asia
Country/countries: All
Themes/Sectors: SCP policy and ecocomic frameworks, SCP knowledge base, Lifecycle perspective, Sustainable urban development and cities, Sustainable rural development, SCP, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods, Sustainable lifestyles and consumption, Sustainable production and value chains, Sustainable public procurement, Awareness-raising and education for SCP, Energy, Transports and mobility
Type of initiative: Information, awareness-raising, education.
Lead actor(s): Mr. Wolfgang Neumann, Founder of the Energy Globe Award, CEO Energy Globe Foundation
Type of lead actor(s): Foundation
Budget: non profit
to create the necessary awareness concerning solutions to our environmental problems and to demonstrate that each of us can
make a positive contribution. The winning ENERGY GLOBE projects serve as examples, which are presented on the ENERGY GLOBE website and in the ENERGY GLOBE project database and at televised Award ceremonies. The award is given on an annual basis.
The environmental prize has been awarded annually since 2000.
• The distinction of the ENERGY GLOBE winners takes place in the global spotlight
of top events.
• Venues include Japan, Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, Rwanda, etc...
• The award is presented in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth.
• The monetary prize for first place in the international award:
10 000 euro per category.
• In all some 6000 projects have been submitted for the ENERGY GLOBE Award.
• The ENERGY GLOBE Jury is headed by Congresswoman Maneka Gandhi, former
Indian Minister for Environment.
• International personalities such as former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan,
former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, the President of the European
Parliament and EU Commission, world stars like actor Martin Sheen,
“Columbo” Peter Falk, Bollywood star Aamir Khan, musicians like Alanis Morissette,
Dionne Warwick, Zucchero, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), etc., offer their services
• In 2007 and 2008 large-scale awards were held in the Plenary Hall of the
European Parliament in Brussels with the support of prominent people from all
over the world.
• In 2009 the ENERGY GLOBE gala was the opening event of the informal meeting
of the EU Environmental Ministers in Prague. In the same year ENERGY GLOBE
celebrated its 10th anniversary
• In 2010 ENERGY GLOBE together with UNEP has opened the UN World
Environment Day in Kigali/Rwanda.
• In 2011 the international ENERGY GLOBE Awards were presented in Austria in
the city of Wels.
• In 2012 the international ENERGY GLOBE Awards were presented in cooperation
with the Austrian Association for Public and Social Economy (VÖWG) in the realm
of the CIRIEC congress in Vienna, Austria.
• The Energy Globe Awards 2013 were presented in the city of Salzburg in Austria,
in the realm of a televised event. 15 nations attended the ceremony, which was
live streamed and broadcast by international TV stations worldwide.
Austrian Government, association of Austrian communities, private companies,NGOs in many countries - Energy Globe Ambassadors
Success indicators
Participation of 165 countries in the Award. Annual submission of more than 1000 projects. In this way, the Energy Globe Award has become one of the larges Platforms for Sustainability
Results or achievements*
Global networkinig py presentation of best practice to a global audience; global participation in the Energy Globe Competition; The Award is an acknowledged recognition for Sustainability. Award ceremony venues at the European Parliament's Pleanary Hall, etc. Distinction of Founder of Energy Globe Mr. Wolfgang Neumann with the European Citizens Award, the highest recognition for Europeans for strengthening the understanding of nations
Next steps
Energy Globe Award 2015, call for projects starting end of May, opten till 22 September. Launch of Global Sustainability Campain on World Environment Day, 5 June 2014 - Presentation of 160 national Energy Globe winning projects jointly with UNEP,
Expansion of Energy Globe Ambassador Network;
Contact person for more information
Cornelia Kirchweger, Internatinoal Communication, T: +437617-2090-30,
Related events
5 June 2014, Globals Sustainability Online-Campaign, presenting 160 national Energy Globe winning projects,
Late autumn 2014: Energy Globe Award ceremony to honor the international Energy Globe Award winners in the five categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth and the World Award Winner.