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Conference documents


Download the PDF icon conference proceedings.



Download the full conference PDF icon agenda.



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Session presentations

Below you can download the available presentations from speakers in the different sessions of the SFS Programme's 1st Global Conference. 

Session 1: Opening and setting the scene


Session 2: Innovative multi-stakeholder approaches to tackle food systems challenges


Session 3: Thematic discussion on Sustainable diets

Sustainable diets in the context of sustainable food systems; Fatima Hachem, FAO and James Lomax, UN Environment

PDF icon African Food and Cuisine Initiative - Vuyo Tofile, EntBanc Group


Session 4: Thematic discussion on Sustainability along all food value chains

PDF icon Sustainability along ALL value chains - Allison Marie Loconto, FAO (Core Initiative)

PDF icon New products based on cereals and pseudo cereals from organic farming systems - Marija Bodroža, Institute of Food Technology in Novi Sad, Serbia (Affiliated Project)


Session 5: Thematic discussion on the Reduction of food losses and waste

PDF icon Delivering SDG Target 12.3 on Food Loss and Waste Reduction - Emilie Wieben, FAO and Marina Bortoletti, UN Environment (Core Initiative)

PDF icon Establish Low Carbon Consumption and Production in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines - Tanja Ploetz, WWF Germany (Affiliated Project)

PDF icon Approaches to reducing food waste in South Africa - Peter Skelton, WRAP

PDF icon Vietnam – The Netherlands collaboration on food losses and waste reduction in the Asian region - Willem Schoustra, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands


Learning Journeys

(report available soon)


Session 6: Thematic discussion on Resilient food production systems

PDF icon Sustainable Food Systems – what’s in it for farmers? - James Lomax, UN Environment and Michael Bergöö, Biovision (Core Initiative)

PDF icon The Organic Food System Program (OFSP) - Prof. Dr. Carola Strassner, Muenster University of Applied Sciences (Core Initiative)

Building a global open source seeds alliance; Frank Mechielsen, Hivos (Affiliated Project)

PDF icon IPES-Food report, From Uniformity to Diversity - Emile Frison, IPES-Food


Session 7: Ensuring sustainable food systems in Africa in the face of a changing climate and growing urbanization


Session 8: Closing session - ways to empower action


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